Medical Equipment Loans

Because of the generosity of the community, we are able to loan out medical equipment for free. If you have recently had an accident, surgery, or an illness and are in need of some medical equipment for a short amount of time this program can assist you in saving some money and stress.

When you need something you simply come in to our store and sign it out. When you are done using it, you simply bring it back. The beauty of this program is that it is based on the honor system and we pass along specialty equipment to those in need. When you arrive in the store, ask an employee of the furniture department for assistance. You can always call us to make sure we have it in stock 760-789-4458.

These are examples of what type of items can be available for loan

Knee Braces, Ankle Braces, Wrist Braces, Post-Op Shoes, Crutches, Compression Socks, Neck Braces, Back Braces, Full Leg Braces, Boot Braces, Elbow Braces, Canes, Shower Chairs, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Handicap Toilets